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Storage & Archiving

With an explosion in the amount of information and data being generated and exchanged and many of our clients telling us their storage capacity is growing at a pace faster than they can manage, there is increasing need for knowledge and advice concerning storage and backup. Organisations are looking for cost-effective, consolidated storage solutions and backup that is swift and convenient.

Whether it's SAN, NAS, backup or a combination of all of these technologies, Form has a dedicated team of experts who, in partnership with industry leaders such as HP, Symantec, Dell-EqualLogic and NetApp, help customers determine the most appropriate storage and/or backup solution.

The key to installing the right storage and backup solution is to find an IT partner that has the expertise to understand what an organisation's business requirements are and tailor an individual solution to suit. An 'off the shelf' solution isn't sufficient in today's world.

Form's consultants appreciate each customer will have different needs and budgets and therefore each solution is designed with your exact requirements in mind - we'll help you meet today's demands whilst planning for the future.

We can provide expert consultancy for designing and implementing data storage solutions through which data can be properly managed, efficiently stored, readily retrieved and easily used. As a result, isolated pockets of information are consolidated into powerful reserves of knowledge.

Form’s expertise extends far beyond putting the right storage technology in place. From assessing requirements, to carefully planning any new solutions, to implementing a business-led backup and recovery strategy, we’re totally focused on helping our clients reduce costs, ensure business continuity and enhance productivity.

Our Storage Partners

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