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Remote Working

Accessibility to corporate data by your users is vital in a workplace where information is expected to be available at the click of a mouse or a few key strokes.

With a properly planned and designed solution, you can ensure that your organisation’s remote users operate effectively out of the office. By offering reliable remote access, your organisation can enjoy many benefits including improved productivity, staff retention and customer satisfaction.

Connectivity should be 'seamless' to the user. Form’s knowledge of market-leading solutions, such as those provided by Citrix and Microsoft Terminal Services, means that whatever method is chosen, our consultants will be able to install the right combination of complementary technologies to enable users to reliably access the data they need whether they're at a remote office or using a mobile connection on the road.

Form has a wealth of remote access experience making us the ideal IT partner to recommend, design, implement and support the most appropriate method of 'connectivity' to suit the unique business requirements of each of our clients.

“Achieving new remote office rollouts in a matter of weeks is not an easy thing for any IT team to support. By using Citrix we are able to deliver on an aggressive expansion strategy, which is imperative to support business growth. Not only have we created a secure, flexible model that can scale with our business, we’ve also improved user experience with more responsive application delivery.”

Carl Brooker, Data Centre Manager, Mouchel Traffic Support

To find out how more how Citrix helped Mouchel Traffic Support produce significant benefits for their businesses, please click here.

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